Our History

The Teatro del Bicentenario in the city of San Juan, Argentina, is one of the most important cultural spaces of the country. Its modern design and the extraordinary technological and acoustic conditions of the main hall place it among the best stages of the world, so great performances can be carried out.


The Teatro del Bientenario offers a broad variety of artistic genres. Due to the diversity and quality of its program and training activities, it is the generator and meeting point of the artistic expressions and cultural and educational experiences of the community in general.

The official presentation and opening announcement was on August 22nd 2016, at Casa de Gobierno of San Juan. It was an event full of special guests and representatives of the local culture. The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Sergio Uñac, Governor of the Province of San Juan; Mr. Marcelo Lima, Vicegovernor; Mrs. Claudia Grynszpan, Minister of Tourism and Culture; Mr. Eduardo Savastano, General Director of the Teatro del Bicentenario, among other official authorities.


The opening gala of the Teatro del Bicentenario was carried out on October 21st with the staging and performance of “Carmina Burana”, in charge of the famous Spanish company La Fura dels Baus, accompanied by a Great Choir made up by the most representative choirs of the Province, together with the Symphonic Orchestra of the National University of San Juan, directed by Emmanuel Siffert



Since the opening, in October 2016, the Teatro del Bicentenario has been an art center that reinforced the culture and tourism of the region

The quality and variety of the performances, the transforming capacity of its Training Program as well as the implementation of a solid program of Relations with the Community, helped the Teatro del Bicentenario, in only 2 years, receive 209499 visitors. 145000 attended the 230 performances offered and the rest enjoyed the Guided Tours; more than 12000 of the visitors were students of local schools  

The theater has offered job opportunities to more than 1600 artists, 1400 of whom are from San Juan. 

The training programs allowed more than 1075 local young artists take part in the 323 hours of technical and artistic training imparted by outstanding national and international artists.



the Teatro del Bicentenario has established cooperation and training agreements with prestigious theaters and universities, both national and international.

Because of its modern design, exceptional technological conditions and excellent acoustics, the Teatro del Bicentenario is ranked among the best theaters in Latin America, calling the attention of other theaters around the world

UNIQUE Theater in Argentina that met international quality standards

In order to assure the quality and transparency of its management, the German group TÜV Rheiland granted the Certificate “MANAGEMENT AND OPERATION OF THE ARTISTIC, TRAINING AND CULTURAL SPACE OF THE TEATRO DEL BICENTENARIO” under the ISO 9001 Quality Standards of the Argentine Organization for Accreditation and the German Certification Organization. With these 3 quality certifications, the Teatro del Bicentenario is the UNIQUE theater in Argentina that satisfies international quality standards.

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