The complex

When visiting the Theater, the extraordinary quality of the construction becomes evident. Located at the junction of four major avenues of the City (España, Las Heras, Córdoba and Ignacio de la Rosa), access to the building is gained through a large arch that leads to the Main Hall. After the Main Hall, there is a foyer that ushers in the Main Concert Hall.

The building is also furnished with specific infrastructural spaces for technical and artistic support to production, mise en scène and performances of various types of shows: lyrical music, ballet, symphony concerts, choral concerts, chamber music, rock and pop concerts, prose theater, among many others.

The Theater also has an ancillary Theater Hall with independent access from España Avenue, an office sector that provides administrative support to the center, rehearsal rooms for artists and musicians, and a specific space dedicated to workshops. All the builiding facilities have been built to cater for reduced-mobility visitors.

The Theater center also offers magnificent outdoor spaces which provide the ideal scenery for various cultural activities and urban and cultural artistic interventions.


m3 reinforced concrete


travertine panels


m2 Corten steel


Tn steel structure

Architecturally, the complex has the appearance of a solid block in which the sanjuaninian Travertino marble resembles. From the middle, the astonishing theatre hall with a volume revisited in corten steel, simulating the dirty color of San Juan’s mountains.

In the main façade a big arch opens that symbolize the portal of the Bicentenario with 63 meters of free light and 6 meters high and becomes the main entrance to the building.


m2 area covered


capacity Main Hall


capacity Ancillary Theater Hall


m2 stage

The theatre has an impacting architectonical design and acoustic quality, proper of the best theatres in the world, in addition with the technology of its rooms. With 18.500 covered meters square, the theatre counts with a big proportions arch that frames the main entrance which allows the placement of cultural expositions.

From there, you can access the foyer, and through it to the theatre hall. It includes also an Auditorium room, a support building which holds the rehearsal rooms for dancers, artists, musicians and a workshop space.

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