Visión – Misión


Provide an environment of well-being and satisfaction for the public, work teams, contractors (including artists), sponsors and the public structure through the implementation of an excellent service


The Teatro del Bicentenario is a center of art and culture open to all artistic genres that stimulate the latest innovation and cultural creation. Always aiming to achieve excellence and thanks to the diversity and quality of its presentations, the Theater intends to become an important place where the society can meet and share an artistic and educational experience.


The mission of the Teatro del Bicentenario is to become the cultural referent of San Juan thanks to the richness of its programming and the integration capacity of its cultural activities, since local production has an important place in the field.



Poner especial atención en los movimientos artísticos y sociales que se produzcan.

Creativity and excellence

Find creative and high-quality solutions to the needs of the interested parties.

Vocation for training and education

Contribute to the artistic, human, social and civic education of the society.


Responsibility and commitment to the society the Theater belongs to as an instrument of social, cultural and educational integration.


  • Foster national and international links.
  • Promote actions between the public and private sectors for the development of cultural industries.
  • Generate conditions that facilitate access to the activities programed.
  • Help the community become part of the Teatro del Bicentenario and its activities.
  • Foster training of the public through the implementation of community-oriented activities.
  • Promote professionalism of artists through training programs
  • Enhance cultural tourism locally.
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